Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Art Quilt: A Journey.

So here's the deal: In a Pamela Allen workshop, I had this major creative breakthrough. For a year, I'd been cranking out heart doodles whenever I was on the phone, at a meeting, etc... But only on paper. Lots and lots of heart doodles.

One of my favorite heart doodle came out during a two hour long meeting involving lots of Roberts Rules and beaurocratic bwah, bwah bwah.

So, then I get to this workshop with Pamela, the free spirit wonder teacher, and she has us make a background. No problem. Then she asks us to imagine what that background wants on it. Well, duh!!!! It wants a heart! One that leaps and jumps and sings! One that's free of red tape meetings! One that can be made with noone yodelling 'mo-oooooo-oooom!' Out came this:

After the workshop, through very little control on my part, the quilt ended up on an album cover for local musician, Dee Dee Tibbits. It wasn't even stitched down. Yikes! I added a little stitching, they photographed it, then I hung it on my bedroom wall. It hangs where I can see it with a fresh eye each morning. Slowly, the design flaws began to worm their way into my brain. It clearly wasn't done, but I didn't know what to fix.

Then I took it to Crit Group (if you don't have one, GET one) and they pointed out the odd triangle of greyed lavender background. Oh yeah! Now I see. God Bless the Crit Group! I found some more of the turquois background and decided to add more collage, breaking up that nasty triangle. At the PAQA retreat a few weeks ago, I finally had time to work it out when the genius Wendy Butler Burns stopped at my table and suggested adding a close, but not matching fabric to the turqouis. Shazam! I immediately whipped out a pile of mixed prints and collaged this:

See the difference? It's much better now, I think. Then yesterday, I got jiggy with perle cotton bobbin drawing and now the quilt is just a little past done. I washed it to promote raggediness, squared that sucker up and there you have it. One Art Quilt. Ready for binding and a rod pocket.


Debra said...

That piece just SO TOTALLY ROCKS!!!

Love it, love it, love it.

Deborah said...

Love it love it love it! Those additions are perfectamundo.

Gerrie said...

You definitely made a good piece, great. The background is loverly!

Lisa, Procrastinator Extraordinaire said...

I love it! Fabulous!