Monday, October 05, 2009

Speed Bump

Sometimes a metaphor is so strong that it can't be avoided.

Yesterday, I tripped on a speed bump in a parking lot. My body lurched toward the pavement and was stopped by my face. There was no chance of getting my hands out in time. Nothing appears to be broken, but there is plenty of swelling and some lovely bruises forming. The injuries list includes the right side of my face, both knees--especially the right one, pavement burn on the edge of my right hand. And this morning, my entire right arm is sore and weary. Oh, and lest we forget, my spirit is officially damaged.

This act was humbling on so many levels. Any vanity I may have been storing has left the building. The facade of always being in control is lain bare. Necessity is requiring me to rely on others. Welcome to my personal h-e-Double Toothpicks. Want to see what it looks like? I've included a happy picture for comparison.

The smile was painful, though it did light up my eyes a bit. Here's what it feels like:

Awesome. Couple this with lots of blubbering and vocal distress, then tell me why I told the nice stranger that I was fine and could get up on my own.

Enough misery. I have been knitting a bit:

It is a basic, comfy shawl for my daughter who's been dragging around in my coziest clothes and then losing them in her bedroom. Yarn: Cascade 220. Needle: Addi Turbo, size 9. I may need to keep it near my person for a few days after blocking, so it smells like 'mom' too.

The pattern is simple and free. You can find it on Ravelry. Click here.