Saturday, May 05, 2012

How We Roll

Why that phrase is on my sketch, I know not.  It had something to do with making a joke to my son during the children's sermon and something about Jesus and how He rolls.  That's all I got.

So, today's journey is a series of sketches from end of April.    Walk with me....

All previous sketches have begun to feel ordinary, boring almost.  Above is an attempt to shake it up a bit.  And still feels static.  Also, it looks like a crustacean trolling the sea bottom.

On to #2:
le sigh   This is worse.  If these two drawings were projected into fiber, they'd feel like a sucky version of Susan Carlson's fish quilts.  I luv Susan Carlson.  Her work is magnificent.  I use a version of her techniques and her first book inspired me on a crazy level.  But if I get a whiff of 'derivative' off of anything I do, it's over.

This is more like it.  I had to shake off the urge to control the line.  And dots feel more natural to me than cross hatching.  This feels like the zygote of a very large piece, probably a series.

Let's look at it sideways, shall we?
Yes.  There is something here.  Something calling to me.  But what is more prominent?  The white area or the dotted areas?  It feels topographic and I'm not sure the emphasis should be on the 'land'.  A second sketch is in order:
Also intriguing.  I think smaller studies are in order.  Is this collage?  Whole cloth?  French knots?  Free-Motion?  I don't know yet.  I'm not sure it should even be fiber.  It might need to be paint.  Or a combination of the two.

I do know this:  I work painfully slow.  Something has to grip my imagination before I can bare to bring it to life.  I must feel compelled to recreate the image, the line.  For all these months of sketching, I finally feel like an idea has been achieved.  My next post will likely dive into studies in fiber.  It is thrilling.  And terrifying.  It is what is meant by 'needing to create'.  It is how I roll.

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Angry Chicken.

Well, March has zipped by.  I spent part of it in the fetal position, and the rest of it scurrying around for a local play.  Somewhere in there, these doodles managed to appear, all at church.  Keep your eye out for the angry chicken.  He bites.

Trying to loosen up a bit here, fooling with cross hatching.  I need more practice.

This feels uptight

Bwaahahah!!!  Giant chicken head crashes right into 'This Little Light of Mine'!  Muhuh-wahahah!
Frightened citizen on the left....

I know these are nothing stellar or earth-shattering.  Keeping a pen pressed against paper was a major accomplishment for me.  April's gonna' be better, right?

Friday, March 09, 2012


In case you haven't heard....

I Opened An ETSY SHOP!
You can find it here:

I'm super excited about this!  To kick things off, I took the fabrics to a near-by art group and sold over half of them.  There's 16 pieces left and I'll announce the next update soon.

Because she's a good friend, Lynn is offering a give-away on her blog---3 fat quarters.  She's promoting a new surface design video class that starts soon and has at least three different give-aways going right now.  Be sure to check it out!

Happy, Happy!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Today's Washout.

Let's start with the good. Shall we?
These two pieces fill me with joy and happiness, for they require no angst, no second dye. Only a lovely soak in lava-water and a nice, soothing press with the iron.

On the other hand, the following pieces are being labelled 'for further study'.
They will require time to consider their future paths.  Number 1 looks like a virus slide.  Number two is anemic.  Number three, here, looks like it's been rolled in baby poop.  Lovely.

What remains makes my head hurt.

What you're seeing is only a selection from this particular family. Of course, I would make the most of the ugly fabric. I cannot even put forth a reason.

This fabric happened. It is spiteful and difficult. It will be punished and over dyed into submission.
And that is all.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Winter Day... our house.  Pictures by Benjamin:

Maximus Giganticus.  Clueless.  Loves him some paper baggage.

Maya, the ever-faithful.  Jealous.  Needy.  Crabby when disturbed.

Sadie-Monkey. Killer Queen.  Does not care if you have to go. 

Wash your hands in the kitchen.  Or else.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Sunday Doodle

I do this not out of boredom, but because of my fidgety nature.  Give my brain something to do truly does help me listen better.  I retain more.  Knitting has the same effect.  Didn't have any fresh paper, but was elated to find a black Pitt pen in the bottom of my bag.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

8 New Pieces

All LWI on Test Fabrics 400M cotton. 1 yard cuts.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Testing New Dye.

It's not really new dye, just new to me. I'm talking about Pro-Chem's Pro Liquid Reactive Dye Black LR604. It's a pure color, not a mix, and I love, Love, LUV it!

Here's some samples:
it's loading

it's loading

it's loading

All pieces 36" x 44". Test Fabrics 400M cotton broadcloth. Painted, air dried, steamed for 30 minutes. I plan to color these with mx. We'll just see how that goes.

Monday, August 08, 2011

Boys with Toys...

....sometimes share with their mothers.

He earned the money himself, did all his own research, and let me play with it today. Oh...and his hair still looks great!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

April Day

I'm breathing Spring.


I took this picture:

april girl

The rest were taken by...


My Daydreamer.

april sky