Monday, August 29, 2005

Moving On....

Are we all tired of the Scary Clown Girl picture yet? Me, too!

So, for a change up, let me introduce you to Harriette:

Harriette is my ride. She takes me everywhere I want to go. She's not so easy on the eyes, but full of interesting quirks....just like me. AND! She came from my friend MolliB who purchased her to prove that a woman can own her own car. So, Harriette reminds me daily about Girl Power. Who could not love such a car?

Anyway, Harriete has driven me to Paducah, Kentucky, home of the AQS quilt show. Above you can see her parked outside the Museum of the American Quilters Society. Below, Harriette is visiting Paducah's amazing Flood Wall.

I am not really in Paducah to pay homage to quilts, or to shop, or any of that. I'm in Paducah waiting for this (see picture #3): reveal it's contents. My sister and her husband have made a baby. And I think that's waaay cooler than any quilt I could ever produce.

All My Love,
Funky C

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Star Girl

The things I do for kids that come to vacation Bible school:


But then, my husband superglued a bone to his nose. Don't even ask!

fiberliciously yours,
Funky C