Monday, April 18, 2005

An Ode

I published this on the PAQA list a few days ago, but it's really for all of you.

Always a Quilter
(tune: 'She's Always a Woman' by Billy Joel)

You can sew with your elbow,
Or paint with your toes.
Use burlap for batting,
'Cuz who will know?
You can write a great book,
Or appear on t.v.
You may fuse it all down,
But you're always a quilter to me.

And Oh!
Sew by hand if you want.
You can use hot pink thread,
Or staples and twine.

And Oh!
You can sing if you like,
Make it be about quilts,
And please try to rhyme.

You can toss all your scraps,
Or tack them down.
You can fly the trapeze,
Or be raised by a clown.
You can be young or old,
Uptight or free.
You may have wierd hair,
But your always a quilter to me.

Hmm-mm-mm, Hmm-mm-mm,
Hmm-mm-mm, Hmm-mm-mm,
Hmm-mm-mm, Hmm-mm-mm

All My Love,
Funky C


Angela said...

You made me all teary...

arlee said...

Thank you thank you for your wonderful hilarious entries and photos--a woman after my own heart--Rock On, Sista!!!:>