Sunday, April 17, 2005

People watching

I consider myself a champion people watcher ---of friends and strangers alike. I love to observe humanity in action. With interesting people all around, who needs reality t.v.?

Having just returned from IQASpring Festival, in Chicago, I will share a few recent favorites:

Little Dude, an art critic:

This guy was hard to miss. I found him in a crowd of people watching models from the Bernina Fashion Show. He was clearly displeased and making his opinion known, loud and clear. I'm just sure he was saying (yelling, actually) something like, "That Garment is atrocious. Look at that awful fit! Who would use such garrish colors? Where's the design integrity? Is this really ART?!?" Naaah...the garments were lovely. I bet what he really said was,"Hey, Ma! This is the most boring thing you've ever made me do! How 'bout I leap out of your arms and destroy the contents of your purse?"

I made it my personal mission to amuse him with peek-a-boo and a variety of stupid expressions. He was silent for a whole 20 minutes!---Probably in shock.

Karey Bresenhan (on the left), Queen of All She Surveys:

If you don't already know, Karey is the brains and the muscle behind IQA and several Quilt Festivals, including Houston. She is a jewel, a peach, a sweetheart. She allowed herself to be photographed with me---kind of a 'beauty and the beast' thing, don't ya' think? And what's going on with the back of my hair? It seemed like a good idea at the time....that's all I can say.

So, if Karey's the Queen, then here's the Diva:

Check her out! This is Maggie Winfield, from Colorado (I did get her permission to post these photos). She announced to an entire room of people that she has a high flamboyancy quotient. No kidding! She was just dripping with fiber---from tiara to toes. You Go, Maggie!

Here's a few more views:

That's right. 'Thank Goodness I'm Fabulous'
I hope I get to be her when I grow up!


teri springer said...

She's right...Maggie IS fabulous! I LOVE her! And how the heck did you get Karey to hold still long enough to take her picture??


Debra said...

Faulous photos. Thanks for sharing the show. I LOVE Maggie's outfit. I would never have the nerve to wear it... but I think I should adopt a new philosophy.

Maggie Winfield said...

Cathy, thanks for putting me up on your blog. I love what you had to say. Fun, Fun. Garments and jewelry are fun for me.