Thursday, April 07, 2005

Oh, I've been a baaaaaad little blogger. I've stepped away from the plate and ignored my computer in an attempt to find a reason to clean my sewing room. Alas, the reason has not arrived. The area is still wreckage. I'm ok with that. How 'bout you?

But my taxes are done! Hurray for all girls around the world who got their taxes done!

And so, having struck this compromise---messy room, completed taxes, I am free to hob knob with my Quilting Bretheren in Rosemont, Illinois.

And hob knob I will----in about 7 hours.

Hope you're there, too!


Debra said...

I think we need a contest!!

The messiest to the cleanest.

How much can I clean in 10 minutes??

Smallest pile of fabric to put away!!

I'm almost on a roll... but my laptop battery is dying...

Elle said...

And I'm one of those girls who hasn't done hers yet, which is strange because I'm the type to turn them in early in Feb. or early March.