Friday, April 01, 2005

5 Very Good Reasons....

...why I really couldn't get to, just didn't have time to, felt bad but couldn't make room in my busy social calendar to...clean my sewing room. Really. Truly. Haven't had the time. Really.

5 Very Good Reasons Why I was Forced by the Universe to Completely Blow Off Cleaning my Sewing Room and Ignore my Solemn Vow to Finish Taxes. (really...very good reasons....every single one of 'em)

#1: Mother Nature. That's right. After years of living in the Tundra known as Michigan, Spring appeared and blessed me with a day of 60 degree, sunshiny, fresh breezy weather. You didn't think I could possible stay in a dank, musty sewing room allowing my sinuses to gather further reason not to properly function? Did you? Be reasonable.

#2: My Beloved Children. What kind of mother would I be if I said, 'No, Spudman, you must miss that social engagement with Johnny who happens to be a kindred spirit moving to Alabama in 4 weeks so that I can stay home and clean the Evil Black Hole,'? No, no. I'm such a Good Mom that we spent almost all of yesterday hanging out with the kindred spirit whose siblings are also fine playmates for my other two children and whose mother turns out to be fabulous company. What kind of mother would deny such childhood pleasure?

#3: The Herb Garden. Last year, I made another Solemn Vow (holy cow, how many can there be at one time?) to completely overhaul my herb garden. It needed to be raked RIGHT NOW. Not tomorrow, or perhaps next week, after the sewing room is clean and the taxes are Right Now. And not just relieved of last year's debris, but any gardener worth her salt would double dig it by hand. For those of you that don't know about double's, well, a butt load of work. Thank goodness my stick-to-it-tiveness didn't kick in. The double digging lasted for about 5 feet of garden.

#4: My Church's Web Site. It is terrible need of updating. My whole goal in starting this blog thing anyway was to gain knowledge for embedding a blog in my church's web site. It's high time I stopped messing around blogging about quilting (though there hasn't been much of that lately) and got serious about digging in to the meat of html and directories and bwah, bwah, bwah.... The 'finish the website' Muse is here. NOW. How can I possibly deny her promptings by drudging through the Pit of Despair?

#5: The Trip to Chicago.
I leave in less than a week. Toilets must be cleaned. Laundry must be done. Kids must have arrangements made. Haircuts must be had. The dog needs her shots and a bath. And what am I going to wear? What will my husband eat (spaghetti and cheerios, his classic can switch up the serving times for added variety)? And what traveler in her right mind could leave for such an important trip without communicating with her fellow travelers? One must make phonecalls, send e-mails, write letters (okay, I haven't done that yet) in order to properly prepare.

So, you see, there's just been no time. It would be wonderful if I could find time to get to the sewing room and the taxes, dahling, but there just isn't any! A freshly honed, hot-from-the-autoclave scalpel couldn't carved time out of the bustling existance that is my daily life. I'm just sure of it.


Emily said...

Whew, I'm exhausted just reading about it. I'll be expecting that letter in the mail any day now, har har. (I got sidetracked by that Spring thing, too.)

Lisa, Procrastinator Extraordinaire said...

Thanks for the great morning laugh!

Debra said...

Ya know... I think I'd choose double digging the herb garden to doing the taxes, too. (hah... my taxes are done and the refund received and spent).

Actually... I turned the veggie garden this past weekend instead of working inside.

All good excuses you've got.

Karoda said...

You definitely will be a candidate for 2005's Good Mother-Gardener-Church-Traveler Award! But really don't think you stand a chance in the Clean Sewing Room-Taxes catergory...maybe next year. :)

If you get the chance check out my friend's blog, Testimony and Truth (link can be found at my blog). Many teachers at her church keep blogs as a way of staying connected in a large congregation.

lizzieb said...

let's see...avoiding doing the taxes...I sure know what that is about! Sounds like all very good reasons to me

Scrapmaker said...

Your remarks about Michigan on a 60 degree almost spring day had me thinking back to the days of my youth :) Many, many moons ago, most likely before you were born, I lived there and even went to MSU for a while. I do indeed remember the sun starved folk acting crazy and running around in shorts if it actually warmed up to 60 degrees in March (or April...)I rememeber people hanging out of dormitory windows, sheer wildness and spring fever in the air. Ah, the musings of an old Michigander...Don't worry though, you'll still have a blizzard or two in April. Transplanted Jen, 30 years now in Califoria

Connie said...

And here I was worried about cleaning my sewing space before you arrived on the way to Chicago. But today's goal is to actually mangle the new curtains that have been waiting patiently for several weeks. And then to enjoy the sunshine.