Saturday, February 03, 2007

Three Views

Funky C here....coming to you live from the eternally frozen tundra of Michigan. Yikes! It's been cold. But I'm not tired of the snow quite yet. The drugs must be working.

Here's a little project I've been fooling with: the card holder featured in Quilting Arts Magazine, winter 2006, issue 24. The center holder, with the woman's face, was a gift from a dear friend. Using it is a pleasure.

View one:

Blue, on the left, has fusible craft interfacing. I loves it not....too flimsy. My heart is given instead to the Peltex version on the right. It feels much nicer in my a fine accesory.

Here's the magic side. A bit of yarn, or string pulls out and cards pop up like magic:

Voila! Isn't it cool?
I'm admitting to you alone that this is ---Bar None---the best cheap thrill I've had in ages. When I use the holder to access I.D., people think I've worked some kind of magic. They actually exclaim out loud and proclaim me awesome for even owning it. So, evidencing my inner diva (she's not buried too deep), I now have a system:
  1. Select items for purchase at retail venue.
  2. When checking out, place card holder conspiculously on counter.
  3. Strike up conversation, write check slowly, whatever it takes to draw out the suspense.
  4. When clerk asks for I.D. or payment option, pull string and present card with nonchalance, as if you've been fabulous all your life.
  5. Bask in ensuing glory, completely forgetting about your hum-drum life as director of digestive systems management for 4 humans, 3 guinea pigs, a dog, and cat.
  6. Repeat as needed to feed Ego.