Wednesday, May 04, 2005

BedHead: A Self Portrait

All you need to know is that I was Dirty-Dog-Double-Dared. The darer better watch his back. I carry much priveleged 'darer information' close to my bosom. And I have a camera.

In case you're not frightened enough yet:

Dang. I wish my hair was that good every day.

In fiber news, my quilt (the little heart in my sidebar) is home from the Keiko and Friends exhibit. I'm sorry that it didn't sell, yet glad to have it back. Isn't that strange?


Lisa, Procrastinator Extraordinaire said...

Thanks for the morning laugh. I especially like the technicolor picture. Looks like the start of a great art quilt to me!

Debra said...

You are incredibly courageous woman!! I bow to your bravado.

Rayna said...

Definite material for a new piece.

Lynne said...

That's a great quilt idea there!

I once got all the way to work, went to the bathroom, looked in the mirror and realised that I had pyjama hair - tied in a knot on top of my head and sticking out everywhere. Stylish indeed.

teri springer said...

OMG!!!!! Great laugh to start the morning. I can SO relate, having short hair. I have been busy patching and sanding drywall (which does marvelous things for the hair) and priming walls....I needed that laugh!!