Saturday, April 09, 2005


I'm at the show!

Rock On!

Check out the lady behind me (the one looking at me). What's she thinking? Maybe: '!@$#%#@ art quilters. Always showin' off'

Or maybe: 'Wouldja' look at that freak? I bet she's got one a' them body piercings'

Either way, we're likely not from the same clan. I'd talk to her, though. Bet she's got an interesting story of her own. You never know who'll turn up at a quilt show!

I'm having great fun. Wish you were here. There'll be more pics (with stories) tomorrow.


Karoda said...

You are sooo outta control! Security, security,,,hey, security!

teri springer said...'s a good thing I didn't go. They would have thrown us out. I'm proud to know ya, are my kind of lady!!


Emily said...

Yah, pretty much the first thing I noticed, even before your expression and lovely hand gesture, was that lady behind you. I wanna play the game from David Letterman "what about that guy?!"

Elle said...

After cracking up at the photo, I couldn't miss the expression on that lady's face.