Thursday, December 23, 2010


So, smaller works out pretty well if my pens are fine enough. I pulled out a set of India ink markers from Faber Casteel. I was able to get the level of detail I wanted with the smaller format circle. This means smaller doesn't take less time, doggonit.

What I love about this doodle is the flagella on the edge.  This is an effect that's long fascinated me.  I don't care so much about what's in the circle, much preferring an image with some focus.  We shall see what tomorrow brings.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010


These are 3 or 4 inches in diameter, done in my pocket sketchbook. I thought smaller would be quicker, however it is also...well...smaller. Much less room for detail and harder to get the kind of contrast and depth I found in the previous pieces.

This is my favorite of tonight's efforts:


It seemed kind of small and sad until the 'flagella' appeared.  Now it has more life.

This one is just....meh...nothing to write home about.  I blame it on the show my family was watching.

I have a few more pages with this size circle, so will keep trying. On larger paper, I scribed a circle with a dinner plate. It is so empty, yet full of potential. The idea of drawing into it has me holding my breath.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Drawing in Church


There is an idea floating around the creative community that piques my interest.  And though I am not one to follow fads, this idea dovetails nicely with my nature.  It is the concept of Zen drawing.

Now before there's any eye-rolling, or fleeing from the blog, lemme' esplain.  No.  There ees no time.  Lemme' sum up:

-I believe firmly that 'Zen Drawing' is somebody's catchy phrase to either sell something or to make themselves feel cool.  Nothing wrong with feeling cool.  Or selling things.  It's just that I'm about as cool as I'll ever get (not very) and I don't really need more things.  Really.  House full.  Money limited.

-I am a chronic doodler.  It is a condition I've had from a young age and will carry to my death.  My daughter recently was peeved with me for this very habit.  I had a long phone call.  There was a pen and an envelope near by.  I covered it with mindless patterning.  The envelope was important to my child.  This habitual practice is hard-wired.  Right up there with hangnail-picking and lip-pursing.  An investigation of the loose paper in my home will reveal meeting agendas, old bills, graph paper, letter heads and the occasional receipt covered with black ink, preferably felt tip.  No napkins though, never napkins.

-I focus better while doodling.  This is a proven fact.  ADD runs in my family.  I probably have it.  If my hands are empty and I have to sit during any kind of meeting, I will create endless tasks for myself, even if only in my head.  I will make mental notes, watch the clock, look for faces in the wood grain, check out everyone's wardrobe and hair.  It's detailed business.  You ever been to my church?  I probably know what you were wearing and can give you a rough estimate of how long you've owned that garment.  I know when people have haircuts and when the shade changes a minute step towards red, blond, brunette, etc...  This behaviour is not by choice.  The grey matter demands activity, stimuli.  It is a slathering, hungry beast.  And it must be fed.

Doodling (or knitting or spinning, especially spinning)  satiates that beast.  Simple activity calms the stimuli-hunger pangs just enough for another part of the brain to absorb information on a different level.  It's as if I can feel part of my mind hovering above the inner gears of basic function.

-This is not new.  Lots of people doodle.  Some of them use props.  Some of them are more free-wheeling.

-This is also not suddenly my new medium that's going to make me rich and famous.  Yes, my most successful artwork has come from extensive doodling.  Yes, perhaps at some point I will turn from felt tip pens and scrap paper to India ink and a high quality surface.  But not now.

Still reading?  Alrighty then!  All of that blather is to say that I have begun to draw during church.  It helps.  A lot.  I can listen to readings.  I can focus on the sermon.  I can sit through a Bible class.  I can stay awake.

I will, starting today, post these drawings here.  It may not be weekly.  I may fall behind.  Or forget.  Or become depressed.  But I will try.  Starting now:


Wednesday, December 08, 2010


Hi, Everybody! I'm making time to blog today. Don't you feel blessed? I'm just happy you're taking a moment to see what I've been up to.

So, about 4 years ago, I decided it was time for the kids to embrace community theater.  I missed it and they needed the creative and social outlet.  Every play we've done, I've gotten in too deep and committed to crazy sewing plus a part plus an arm plus a leg, making for a very unFunky C.

This fall, a production of Seussical the Musical (junior version) was being produced and not only did I manage not to audition, I managed to only volunteer for ONE job.  I've never done this before in my life.  It didn't stop me from procrastinating, but there is hope!

So, my one job?  Seuss hats.  In lots of colors.  And sizes.  That stand on their own and can be used as dance partners.

Here we go!

It's like a pile of gigantic Cheerios!

All stripedy and ready for action.

Test Hat, complete with wire coil insert.
one done
This is the largest size I made.

With siblings:
4 giants

And a few minis:
3 minies

On stage, with a good friend(left) and an offspring(right):
On stage with Horton and a Wickersham
The stage images are Photo Shopped to the hilt.
Stage photography + pocket camera = image nightmare.

Opening scene with The Cat in the Hat and Jojo:
opening scene

Opening Dance number with hats in action:
opening dance number

My two favorite Whos (I made the circle skirt on the left, too):
my two favorite whos

The show was in mid-November and my kids had a blast! It was refreshing to be involved, but not too involved.  Changing how I involve myself is a major adjustment for me and I'm hoping it will give me the freedom to do more of what I love.  Bye for now!