Friday, April 22, 2005

Critique Group

I chose not to attend the AQS show in Paducah this week and was suddenly free to attend my Critique Group. Less driving, just as much fun. Hooray!

My crit group doesn't have a name yet. I don't really care as long as the interaction is worthwhile and the company is fun. It was started by Deb Harowitz, owner of Scarlet Zebra. Last month, I took a piece with design flaws and the feedback offered by the group was so amazingly helpful. I can't tell you how fulfilling it is to meet with a group of artists that 'get it'---that know how to handle fiber and what it feels like to be in the creative process.

Let's all understand right here and now that I'm not picking up any side work as a photographer. Okee Dokee? Here we go:

This is my friend Barb Dinneweth (in the purple shirt). She has art degrees. We don't hold it against her. The piece she's showing is meant to be displayed draped over objects arranged on a table. The tactile quality and range of colors are so lush! Please don't tell her it's chenille. She will jujitsu your head off or singe your facial hairs with laser fire shooting out her eyeballs. The piece is made up of billions of 1 inch squares, carefully arranged, stacked and sewn down so the hand dyed colors flow over the piece. The background is hand dyed corduroy---I'm guessing 18 wale. It drapes fabulously.

Next up: Pat Smith, Beader Extrodinaire and my riding buddy for Crit Group. Another one of those art degree holders whom we like anyway.

And a detail:

Holy smokes, that's a lot of beading! My children (or the dog) would eat the beads before I could get them sewn down.

Now's where we run into memory deficiancy. I'm confessing only to you that the names of the following artists have escaped my memory. If you're offended please accept my apology. It's a rented brain. My permanant brain is in the shop right now.
**edit alert** April 24th, 2005: The very gracious Kay Schell just e-mailed the names to me. Thank you, Kay!

This jacket was constructed by Linda Johnson out of 'whatever was lying around'. Quilting is not her primary fiber form. Can you imagine how gorgeous her 'primary fiber form' must be? She confessed to being a trim and fabric pack rat, mostly from yard sales, etc...

Next, Margo Liba:

This glowing landscape appeared to be layers of synthetic organzas with embellishments. How wonderful!

And lastly, Kay Schell:

If it's lime and purple and turquoise, my heart sings....even though I don't often work with those colors. The construction was cool, too. Each square was cut, stacked and attatched raw-edged with a line of straight stitching. I believe it's intended for use as a throw, or play quilt for kids. What kid wouldn't love it?

So, there you have it. Crit Group. If you don't have one, GET one!

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Gerrie said...

Loved these pics! My crit group meets next week and I will share!