Friday, May 27, 2005

Star Wars, The Update

Yeah, I know y'all aren't too psyched about my Star Wars post (how do I know? serious lack of comments, poor webstats), but I can't help my little geek *snort* self.

Just went for my 2nd viewing tonight (with Little Bro' Frankie---more about him another day).
Two thoughts:

1. Jimmy Smits' character (Senator Organo?) has a rockin' cape-thing...more like a ruana...very drapey and makes him look taller and elegant.

2. Natalie Portman, upon second view, reminds me of Audrey Hepburn....she has that rounded, widish chin with the long, graceful neck. Anybody else pick up on that?

Also, since I'm in a movie groove tonight, has anyone out there seen 'Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy' yet? I want to know if the script contains the line, 'There's one hoopy frood who really knows where his towel is.' And is the Bugbladder Beast of Trall in the movie? I must know these things before plunking down my 7 bucks.

Okay, I'll go away with the movie thing now. Am blogging from out of town...will have to dig to find something about fiber.

All My Love, Baby.


Anonymous said...

You aren't alone, I'm a star wars gal myself. :-)

Cheryl Sterling-

teri springer said...

Hey! I posted!! Still haven't seen it. And I refuse to go to the movies on a holiday weekend. ALso have not seen Hitchiker....but will next week probably since the weather is supposed to be crappy.

Next time you are going to a PAQA meeting, holler. I would like to ride along and pay for the gas!!!


Debra said...

I thought I posted...maybe not. But comments in general have been low this week, so maybe it's blogger's fault.

Yeah, that's it.. IT'S BLOGGER'S FAULT.

Anyway, I saw HGTG. I can't recall if that one line is in there. And I don't recall the beast. but my memory is that they followed the book fairly closely. But it just doesn't work. DON'T pluck down $6. That's what we paid at our matineee... and it's about $4 too much.

We may go see StarWars next Friday...

Elle said...

I missed the original Star Wars posting!! I LOVE Star Wars. I had the Star Wars storybook and everything. I'm such a geek, lol. My mom is a sci-fi fan so I saw them all when I was younger. I really enjoyed III, including the previews, LOL.

I think there's a book with just the costumes. Vogue used to regularly feature it. The costume dept. would use vintage/antique laces and clothing and rework them. The costumes are so gorgeous.