Monday, May 23, 2005

Holy Banthas! It's Star Wars!

That's right. I'm a Star Wars geek. Yes, I've put on a Star Wars costume (princess leah--side buns and white dress look, halloween, early '80s). Yes, I've actually read a Star Wars book (plus listened to one on tape) Yes, I used to own the original sound track on LP (can't remember why I gave it away--stupid me) No, I've never been to a convention and I don't know all the trivia...just enough to keep up with the real avicianados.


This movie is a 'must see' for three reasons:

1. The costuming is great, the textiles are FABULOUS! Padme/Natalie Portman's role in this film is to remain in her chambers and be beautiful. The costumers had a field day with this one (not to mention the hair stylists). She is wearing something exotic and stunning in every scene....well, except the scene where she gets to show her acting chops...kinda' plain jane there....but she's got that natural beauty working for her and pulls off a fine performance. Her costume and the way that she's styled in her final scene of the movie is just stunning. I imagine young teens feel about her the way I felt about Princess Leah 25 yrs ago.

Yoda's Jedi robe is a simple bias cut, brown silk dupioni. Jedi Masters deserve only the best, you know. And I will admit here, in this small corner of cyberspace, that I did actually lose the tightly contained self control I had mustered when I blurted out loud, "Kick his butt, Yoda!" during the movie. I'm such a geek *snort*.

All the Jedis have cool fibers in their costumes....the layers of textures are so rich and the earthy colors add a monastic flavor. Senator Palpatine/Evil Emperor/Darth Sidious wears sleek full length robes when he's just Senator Palpatine----sophistocated cut and color schemes, intersting weaves--reminds me of Italian couture for men. Finally, when Luke and Leah are born, they are swathed in these really rough looking blankets. I loved those---very wooly and beat up in appearance.

It's just all fabric, all the time with me. Where else can you get a cheeky movie review that mostly discusses the textiles?

Moving on...

2. You will need to know why George Lucas is given the 'Grand Poobah, King of All He Surveys' award at next year's Oscars.

3. John Williams (the composer) has breathed new life into it the tired ol' Star Wars themes he created so long ago. Plus the sound editors did a great job of using the various themes to hi-light the creation and demise of characters.

Bonus reason:
4. The previews rock! I saw previews for 'Batman', 'Narnia: The Lion, Witch and the Wardrobe', and 'War of the Worlds'. Those were all must-sees for me before last night so seeing the previews just sweetened the deal. The new one for me is 'Fantastic 4'---a superhero movie--sweet trailer, but I'll probably hold out on it until video. Just a note: I don't just watch action....I tend to prefer movies with great visual beauty ('Weeping Camel' is my latest fav) or serious acting content, such as 'The Hours'. My current regular view is 'Napolean Dynomite'.... I think it's just hilarious...and yes, as I type, My Lips Hurt Real Bad. Gosh!

Even if you don't give a rip about 'Star Wars', it's worthy of a viewing on the BIG SCREEN. It's full of tight, fast paced action and peppered with just the right dose of humor. The visuals are amazing. The cast's performances are looser, more fleshed out than Episodes I & II. All of the previous Star Wars movies are summed up and tied together in Episode III and George Lucas made sure this film's shoulders are broad enough to carry the challenge.

Special props go out to my buddy, Cara, for being my date and for being just as *geek-snort* as me. You rock, girlfriend.

So there you have it: Star Wars in review. Get to the theater right now and may The Farce be with you! *snort*

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teri springer said...

He, he....just another reason I like you....couple'a Star Wars geeks. Watched the original 12 times in 2 weeks.

Oh geeze...and you are painting too?? I posted pics of our building site; next I will post pics of my latest escapades painting....