Wednesday, May 25, 2005


I'm taking a picture before the Ankle Biters return! It's a clean room! That's right. I said, 'Clean Room!' Have no fear though. My dear, sweet children will return it to their natural habitat very soon.

There's still some work to do. Gotta' do something about those dark speakers and find some wall art, maybe a valance for the window. And time for some summery pillows. Holy cow! Now I have all this work to do! Just because I needed a green room with a cream cabinet.

Here's my favorit little nook:

The treadle is a gift of love from my husband. It's a 1904 singer and has more accesories than my modern machines. I did make a blouse with it and once repaired my husband's hockey skates with it (my modern machine was too chicken).

The runner on the treadle was made at the spring PAQA retreat under the tutelege of Keiko Goke. It's only a runner because I got bored and jumped into my own work after about an hour (the workshop was an optional part of the retreat).

And here's a little confection I picked up in Chicago:

Hand dyed by Wendy Richardson from Quilt Tapestry Studio. Why does a hand dyer needs to buy stuff from another hand dyer? For the same reason farmers need to buy food, silly. Or...Just Because. Gosh!


Gerrie said...

I can't keep up with you, woman! For awhile all I see is Michigan represented by your hands. So I gave up; came by today and there are all these posts. Wow!!

Julie said...


Elle said...

I love your Singer treadle. My great aunt has one (it was her grandmother's ) and she is going to give it to me. Yay!

astroboy said...

Now you need to post pictures of what it looks like 10 minutes after the children return.

Karoda said...

Hi, I met Wendy last year at AQS and purchased a couple of boxes of her 2 inch square gems. I loved them.

Scrapmaker said...

Well, I guess we are kindred spirits. My "computer room" has the identical wall paint color, and I have the same lovely old treadle sewing machine. You are funnier, tho. Love your blog. Jen