Monday, May 09, 2005

Meet Desi

Everybody say, 'Hi, Desi!' Very good, class! Aren't you polite boys and girls? Hey! You in the'down, stop pickin' yer nose and say 'hi' to our guest! This is a blog, not a barnyard.
Desi Vaughn is a friend that lives quietly in Michigan's Leelanau Peninsula. Her work looks like this:

"Leelanau Autumn"
35 1/2" x 42 3/4"

And this:

20" x 28 3/4"

She also paints fabric like this:

and this:

and even this:

Having used many of her fabrics, I can report that they lend a wonderful glow to my work. Go to her site. Buy everything. Then she'll have enough cash to make even more stunning work!


teri springer said...

Oh yes, oh yes, oh LOTS...but save the best for moi. I have used her fabric is several of my pieces (I do find it hard to stop fondling it long enough to cut into it).

A loverly and talented lady!!!

Hey, we Michiganders gotta stick together!!


Emily said...

Hi Desi! (I wasn't picking my nose, just scratching it.) Beautiful work.

Debra said...

Jeezie-Peezie, Cathy...

Where the heck is that peninsula... you know you must describe the locationon the hand... or tell us it's UP.

Holds up left hand (facing out)... now where is this place???