Saturday, May 21, 2005

Mexico Blog

Yikes! Has it really been that long since I've posted?!? I'm a baaaaaaad little blogger....baaaaad and buuuuuuusy.

So just what have I been doing?

Mostly this:

That's the graphic for my church's new blog. It didn't take much time to create, but getting the blog operational was a bit of work. Well, not so much 'work' was more of a thinking game.

To see real work (something I leave to the professionals), visit the blog and watch my husband, Greg, along with 41 other volunteers, build houses in a slum just across the border from El Paso. Their goal is 5 houses in 5 days. The houses are more like sheds by American standards, but to those dwelling in a shack made of palettes, they seem palatial. Note that he doesn't know you're stopping by and thinks he's writing to a closed audience.

While Greg has been preparing for construction work, another dedicated group has been making quilts for the house families plus any others needing a quilt. They made around 75 quilts since last September. These are fuctional quilts and have a scrappy kind of beauty all their own.


Debra said...


You've been a bad, bad blogger!! (and don't do it again). But I guess it was for a good cause.

I like the scrappy simple quilts. A good thing, as today I'm off to make "blankies for grownups". A regional effort to provide every woman undergoing chemo for breast cancer... and any other person in need... with a comfort blankie. and maybe a chemo cap.

Gerrie said...

Love the church blog. Our kids are heading down next month for their annual mission project. The quilts are a wonderful idea!!