Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Slo-o-ow Progress

Oh, I'm so anxious I could just burst!! I didn't want to start this project because I'm a sissy-wiener. And now that it's started I want it done Right Now. Right Now! I want to go to bed and have the elves whip it all into shape while I dream peacefully (with full makeup on...just like tv).

What do you mean there's only one elf and he has a day job?!? I am She Who Must Be Obeyed! And I declare the project finished!! Well, okay, actually I'm just Super Spec...a tiny dot on the face of the universe. And patience is my master.

So...the Head Elf and I decided that since the room is ripped apart, the furniture might as well get fresh paint:
Egad!  Bring on the white paint!
Sad little furniture. My impatience wanted to throw the furniture back in the room unpainted.

Furniture. Take 2:
So much better
Isn't white paint a miracle? I'm so very glad the formerly mentioned impatience didn't get it's way.

In case you're wondering, the hole in the table is where my sewing machine sits. The table is a free castoff, headed for the dumpster. The Head Elf cut the hole with a router then built a sunk-in box to hold the machine. It's made for my Viking 990, but with a few pieces of wood in the bottom, the bed of my Brother also will sit flush with the table.
He's not only good lookin', he's smart...and handy.

And the Head Elf drilled a series of holes in my shelving unit. Now the shelves are adjustable and all my books can be stored properly. I tell ya', in addittion to being easy on the eyes, he's handy to have around.
Amazon, here I come!

And that's our progress report for today. I'm not sure how much will get done tomorrow. Tommorrow night, I have a date with some girlfriends, some fabric, and a box of Shiva Paintsticks. Sure to be groovy good fun!

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gerrie said...

Looking good! I ca' wait to have a space like this.