Thursday, January 26, 2006

Not About My Room

To break up the endless monotony of posts about my sewing room conversion, I will now post about crit group, which was last night. And which is no longer called 'crit group'. Now we are 'Eye for Fiber'. Beware! We are watching you! Are you making fiber? You should be.


We've decided that every other month, we'll horse around with a technique....for now....until we change our minds. Last night was Oil Paintstick Night. Here's my meager attempt at using them:
Was Bud Tugly fabric, now less so.
I've had it in the back of my mind to use heavily textured lace for a rubbing surface. It worked, but the results don't quite have that 'Wow' factor. The wierd plastic pink item is the wing device from my daughter's Swan Lake Barbie. When in doubt, rob the toy closet.

Yes, it's more fiber mediocrity
More rubbings....this time with a Lego base and the bottom of my shoe. You can see the Barbie wings rubbing. My friend Pat brought a wonderful assortment of copper tjaps and platic rubbing plates. Other people had tremendous success with these. Mine lack a little something. Maybe it was my color choice. Or maybe I'm Super Spec, Queen of All She Surveys Except Oil Paintsticks.

Drawing my own designs right on the fabric was more pleasing to me:
No one else seemed too impressed by these

But I love them
The results look a bit juvenile....certainly not as sophisticated as the rubbing designs. But they appeal to me more....especially the ones where I used a rubbing plate as background filler. Somehow, making my own mark feels more satisfying than using a prefabricated design. During the process, I was wishing for a finer point. Hmmmm....fodder for more exploration.

And just because it's the topic that won't die....and I still am completely geeked about's one shot of my room today:
Look!  There's arranged furniture!
Oh, yeah. I've begun to move in (insert maniacal laughter)!


teri springer said...

Well, I still have the Shiva's I bought at Novi and they are STILL in the package. I like your free-form. Speaking of which, how about a shot of the piece you started at the retreat??

The studio looks good. I picked up 4- 2 X 8 sheets of blue insulation board and put it in the garage at the condo Monday. Today I stopped and bought 8 yds of white fleece (no pill). Stopped at the condo to drop it off....only 3 sheets of blue board. Called Tara. Seems Tim was a bit lead-footed backing into the garage last night to pick up some furniture and he hit the board. Well, better that than the drywall!!


gerrie said...

I like the original drawings you did. They fit your funky moniker. Your studio is looking wonderful.