Saturday, January 28, 2006

About a Shelf

Is a boring post about a worn out subject better than no post at all? Let's find out!

The centerpiece of my sewing room 'redo'....the reason I came to grips with the departure of my vintage industrial machine and a truckload of other unnecessary this shelving unit featuring pull-out wire bins:

Love those pants!

This is half the unit.

This whole makeover thing started when our Big Lots went out of business. My Darling Husband, a Big Lots frequenter, happened to be there when all the fixtures were on sale. For a whopping, wallet popping, tight-wad-non-stop-shopping $40, my spouse, black belt tightwad extrodanaire, purchased enough wire shelves to house a life time of collecting. And to fill two of these homemade shelving units. There's shelves hanging in the garage and in the basement. There are heavy duty shelves for me to use with my gridwall when I vend fabric. We've got shelves coming out of our ears.

So, a few shelves, a little paint and....
Look at him go!

See?  All green, all the time

Voila! We have storage. It's not perfect, but it is functional. And it cost about $30. What's not to love?


gerrie said...

I am so jealous. My husband's ideal would be no place for me to store more stuff!!

Anonymous said...

Plenty of storage for more applejacks!

Anonymous said...

Plenty of storage for more applejacks!

Connie said...

Very nice, I love store fixture sales. Last week (for work) I got to take anything I wanted that was left at a Media Play store in its final week of business. I took ! 18 ! doublesided shelving units, some with slat wall end panels, and two huge CD/DVD racks. So cool. I will need to plan a visit to my MIL so I can come see your sewing room!

Emily said...

It is so beautiful. Shelves. Sigh.

Keep those sewing room makeover posts coming!!!