Friday, January 20, 2006

Let There Be Light

Today, the pictures will speak for themselves....with a little help from moi....

"Hi, I'm Sewing Room, and I am Brown."
bye bye, depressing brown

"I am the Pit of Despair. I am brown in mid-winter in Michigan."
how 'bout that groovy carpet?

"Hi. I'm Greg and this has been my paint outfit for over a decade. My sprayer has a motor that is so loud and obnoxious I must wear earplugs. This, of course makes it superior to any paint brush or roller."
this look is why I married him

"My name is Primer Coat. I'm the only one that does any real work around here."
let there be light!

"Hi, I'm Funky C. I chose this paint color and won't be happy until my entire house is painted green. Then I'll be happy for 10 minutes. Then it will be time to paint everything lavender."
let there be spring green!

"Anybody notice us? We're the corkboard wall. We and our brethren, the pegboard panels, united in rebellion against green and have chosen to be white. Pegboard gets white paint, we get white burlap. Don't get pushy, or we'll ask for better insurance."
lots and lots of spring green

"Hi. I'm the eyeballs. Please send me sunglasses to cut the glare. Shees, you'd think it was June in Texas, not January in Michigan."
it's almost blinding!


teri springer said...

Wow!! Glad to see I am not the only one fighting the blahs of Michigan winter (gray, gray and more gray)with bright paint. I will have to post a picture of the repainted rec room!


Connie said...

Looking good. Is that the same green as upstairs? You must take after your mother, who knows the formula by heart for her favorite medium beige/brown. And I hope the carpet is also going to go. Or it will defeat the point.

Emily said...

This is so exciting!