Thursday, January 19, 2006

Like a Bad Hangover

I wake up, stumble downstairs, and see this:
where did all this come from?
That's right. My sewing room barfed into the family room. And now, I think it might be my turn. I knew this was coming. It's why I cleaned the family my Sweetie could do wonderful things for me. It's just a little sickening to see it all (well, this is really only half...there's another room) of it stacked in one giant pile.

Here's the sewing room now:
where my machines sit
This is the corner where my main machines and ironing board sit.

yes, another machine
This is another corner, featuring one of my prize posessions: a 1940's industrial straight stitch machine with a serious motor on it. Sewing with it probably feels a lot like flying a B-1 can FEEL the raw power. They probably sound alike too. The problem is that the stitch length is permanantly huge. The manufacturer dug out what little information they had left on the's not adjustable...and it's Huge...probably 6 or 8 mm. I'm guessing it was used for heavy duty tents or car interiors. And I'm afraid it's going to have to go, along with a menegerie of other vintage machines that don't work. Anybody care to pick it up? There is one special one I'm hanging onto...a black portable Singer very much like the one I watched my Mom use...and that I used to sew my first panel pillow (a hamburger with a face). That was the most beautiful machine in the world and I loved to tilt the machine back and hide treasures in it's base. Remember it, Mom?


Mom said...

Do I remember it? That machine cost me $20.00 of hard earned baby-sitting money. Baby-sitting paid 50 cents an hour. I made most of my clothes on it through high school including a prom dress. And after that I made most of your clothes on it with you sitting on my lap. I thought when I got the new Singer it would be the greatest thing in the world but it's long gone and I don't ever think about it but the old black one brings back fond memories. Mom

teri springer said...

How great. I took my mom's Featherweight to college with me (after using it for jr. high home ec) and someone stole it. Not that she sewed much but it still had memories.

Cathy....I can relate to studios puking....I am trying to get stuff into boxes to move to the new studio. Discovered some of the boxes are too heavy for me to lift! And Jamie has an old back injury from football that has been acting up (thank goodness for drugs and a good chiro) so I guess I will put a board from the back door into the back of the car and sllllliiiiiiddddeeee......Will need to do the same at the condo. New pics on my blog of the new space.

Your DH is very creative. Mine doesn't do remodeling...well, I wouldn't LET him.