Saturday, March 26, 2005


That's right. I survived. I fed, entertained, refereed and enforced bed time for 8 boys, ages twelve to seven (originally thought it was 7 boys, but another one sneaked in somehow). I did this without being duct taped to a chair and having the house set on fire. No one bled. No one blew anything up.

And I am still on the island.

Of course, they left no food, so I'll be starving now, thank you.

To my surprise, all participated willingly in dyeing t-shirts. They were even excited! We did the tying as a group, with some leaving to catch a glimpse of Star Wars while others stayed for a little private tutoring. I had the dye station all set up and brought them downstairs one at a time for dying.

This is my Tiger-Buster adding his first color...

Here's your basic primary colored, spiral t-shirt, tied and dyed....

Having a batchin' good time....

Here we have Princess Angel-Baby, Tiger Buster, and Spaceman SpudBoy modeling shirts (Angel Baby's belongs to a 'stinky boy' not here at time of photo). We used mx dyes, primary colors plus turquoise, and did some secondary color mixing right on the shirts. Fun was had by all!


deb said...

What great fun and terrific results!
I wish I had know about MX dyeing when I had a troop of Webelos.

Diane said...

You are one brave woman! You could hire yourself out to do tie-dye birthday parties, you know. Wanna come to my house and do one for my daughter and her friends?!

Karoda said...

I'm thinking along Diane's line...BRAVE, VERY BRAVE.

teri springer said...

Actually, I think we should take our kids to CATHY'S house to do this....Cathy, you are crazy and wonderful...or is that wonderfully crazy??


Deborah said...

How fun! I hope they told you that you are the BEST MOM EVER!

Anonymous said...

My son "Stinky Boy" may not want to wear his shirt if he finds out Angel Baby had it on. Sorry about my other son getting sick in your bathroom.
Cathy is an angel and just crazy enough to be loads of fun. We moms thought we ought to ditch the kids and have us women sleep over at Cathy's. Now that could be fun!