Tuesday, March 22, 2005

It Worked!

Bust my Buttons, it worked! Realize now that a neurosis lives in my brain. It declares all handdyed/painted fabric completely ruined as I put it in the dryer. Sometimes it says the fabric is trash until ironed and my reasonable self can see the beautiful intracacies that exist. And then there are the pieces that after ironing....well.....mustering great tact.....must have a nice personallity. "Guess it's black overdye for you, buddy" (insert maniacla evil genius laugh)

Back to the banner.....
Upon closer inspection of the back, dye does appear to have bled into the resist areas:

My buddy Molli and I both agreed that the texture on the back was waaay cooler than the front. But hanging it up backwards in my Sunday School room was out ....can't you just see a bunch of first graders pushing up their glasses and trying to figure out what the heck those letters were? Poor babies.

It seems the resist didn't push all the way through the fabric, so the top fibers (those soaked with resist) remained white while the bottom fibers, not having taken much resist, soaked up some dye. That's what the voices are telling me, anyway.

Now, we could spend time discussing design issues, or more creative lettering, bwah, bwah, bwah.... The facts are that it took less than an hour to paint this banner (not counting the time spent looking for the Ann Johnson 'Color by Design' book to get the corn dextrin recipe. let's just forget that, shall we?) and that here in Frozen Michigan, where Evil Snow is still visible......the banner made people smile:

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