Saturday, March 19, 2005

Getting it Together

Hi. It's taken some time to figure this blog thing....where to store photos, time of day when noone's screaming, "MOOoooooooom" know the drill.

But! I've been taking pictures like a mad fool and have a great deal to talk about.

Want to see a recent piece?

and a close up....

Yikes! That's a lot of stitching! Sure was fun, though. Even the Evil Metallic Thread played nice. The background is velveteen and the heart is stitched on a piece of cotton/Lycra that was -The- right shade of pink. I culled those fabrics from a box being tossed by a friend. The flower behind the heart is from a piece of polyester tricot, vintage Salvation Army.

More and more of my fabric is coming from 'alternative' sources. My husband and I were checking out a newly found thrift store the other day and when he saw the screaming turquois tie in our pile, he began gesticulating vocally until I explained that I didn't expect him to -Wear- was for my stash. There's freedom in letting him think I'm crazy, anyway.

So, what is this? The piece is titled 'Bloom' and is 11" x 14". I made it for an exhibit called
Keiko and Friends ,organized by Laura Wasilowski, creative genius behind Artfabrik. If you're going to Chicago, stop by the Fine Line Creative Arts Center and take a look.


June said...

Impressive stitching, Cathy. And congrats on the blog. As well as on figuring out how to use the thread net -- I've had one for ages, but never could quite believe it would work. But you may have made a believer out of me.
come by and visit me, too:

arlee said...

Yay, another believer in using whichever fabric looks like the one you need--"tricot' you say? Fabric is fabric! And "thrifting" is *the* way to go :>

Gorgeous stitching!