Saturday, February 11, 2006

This Week

A good part of my free time this week was spent at the dye table.

First, my friend Pat came over to dye some perle cottons and various threads she had laying around. Some of her work is heavily handstitched and I think the hand dyed threads will be a playful addition.
pat's thread

Next, I wanted to make some special goodies for a new fiber art group meeting near Detroit. They've invited me to send them a trunk show. What a great idea for the group and for me! They get to do a little shopping at their meeting and I get to sell my work without waiting to vend. If it works out, I may develop the idea further and promote it. There are other hand dyers already sending out trunk shows.

Here's everything they're recieving:
that's a lot of fabric!

My favorite is this half yard of cotton velveteen:
The texture comes from a piece of gutter guard. I painted thickened dyes onto it, then rubbed it onto the fabric.

Double Yum!
I couldn't believe how well the velveteen captured detail. Can't wait to try more of this!

1 comment:

Debra said...

That "send a trunk show" idea is wonderful. I know that the "sweet treats" people do that.

And I love that texturized velveteen. It's wonderful.

Such great work. (is this to avoid threadpainting the fern? No...)