Sunday, February 05, 2006

Sewing Room: Today's View

This is a current view of my new sewing room.
Like it? Me too! Sewing in complete dark generates the most interesting work. And you knew I'd tire of that 'all green, all the time' thing sooner or later. I decided an all black color scheme would be more soothing. And I think it says 'I'm edgy, buy my art' like no other color can. That's me, baby, on the cutting edge (snort--yeah Mr. Rogers at a rap concert).

Okay! I give! If you must know the truth, I'm still the same nerdy mother of three who giggle-snorts like a Trekkie at dinner with William Shatner whenever I see fabric or yarn or thread or interfacing or looms or anything to do with fiber. The real truth is that almost 24 hours ago as I was holding my scissors poised above my fern quilt....ready to snip a thread from the back.....As I was just nestling into my sewing chair after a day of laundry folding and kid chasing....As I was dreaming of how , in 10 minutes, I'd be blissfully free-motion stitching sweeping lines of threaded genius........My power went out. Out! Completely gone!

Except for the fleeting moment of anemic sunlight that mid winter Michiganders call, 'Day', I've been in the dark ever since (well, some might say I've been in the dark all along...but that's a post for another day).

Lucky for me, friends up the road had power. They let me sew at their kitchen table. And my husband's computer at work is up and running, thus allowing me to type this post. All the roads around us have power. Just not our little mile-long stretch.

So, we go to bed early and snuggle close together....probably the dog too. The kids are bedded down at a friend's house and the hermit crab is cozy down by our family room's wood stove. It'll be okay...because (enter swelling strings and timpani) Annie let us know...(Everybody Sing!)...(big inhale, arms flung wide)...The Sun'll come out Tomorrow! Betchyour bottom dollar we'll have power, then we'll sew!! Just thinkin' about Tomorrow....I'll sew like mad and as for all the housework, it can go!--(skip the relative minor bridge, right to the chorus)----- Tomorrow, Tomorrow, I'll blog more tomorrow. It's only a day away!

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Diane D. said...

Cathy, I can't see your pictures, but you still cracked me up. I hope your power comes back on soon!