Monday, February 27, 2006

Crossing the Finish Line!

Do I Look Proud?
This photo happened completely by photoshop editing, no flash, just lots of sun bouncing around. I love it's ethereal quality. If only all my moments were as peaceful!

The knitting was done Friday night. Saturday: blocking. Sunday, I wore it to church. The few peaceful moments I did have were spent knitting this scarf. Mistakes happened when:

-friends were watching over my shoulder
-2 or more children were talking to me at once (an hourly occurrence, at least)
-the phone rang in the middle of a row
-the tech at my mamogram wanted to 'chat' about 'crafts' while waiting for my films to develop.
-My dog jumped onto the yarn
-Dick Button said something especially catty about an Olympic figure skate and I was forced to rebut out loud at the TV.

I intended to post this progress report last week:

And here's Saturday's view:
I love my print table!
As you can see, the print table has found yet another good use. How did I ever live without it?!?

And Sunday morning:
Isn't it pretty?

A friend commented that the colors have a rosy cast on her computer. For those with the same effect, the colors are that of the beach: cream, sand, and blue. If I had it to do over again, I'd not run out of ancient discontinued yarn and make it about 6" longer. It's comfortable to wear, but there might need to be some fringe added in the future. Maybe in my 'free time'....yeah right!

Here's another picture....better view of the scarf, my rosacea, and my double chin. Yikes!
I'm So Proud!


gerrie said...

Congratulations. You should get a medal!! The photos are wonderful. When the top one came in to view, I thought oh wow she is really glowing over this!!

The scarf is beautiful!

Debra said...

Beautiful, beachy, delicate, wonderful.
Definately a gold medal winner!!

And for the fringe.... damn, I was going to suggest beads... but they would have to just right to make this delicate thing tacky.

Emily said...

It is absolutely spectacular, and I love it with that pale blue sweater you are wearing! You did a fantastic job!!!!!!!!

jessica~ said...

Ohhh, very pretty scarf! I like the colors a lot.

teri springer said...

It's beautiful!! Not exactly colors I would expect from you but lovely!!

As for Mr. Button.....MEOW! I about put my foot thru the TV when he made his comments about the new scoring system. Would he prefer the Russians be allowed to continue to win by cheating? Besides, a dear family friend was one of the poeple who helped come up with the new system and Marie traveled to Turin to oversee the scoring in the Ice Dancing. She admits it isn't perfect but it's a damn site better than the old system!!

Now Johnny Wier and his "Wier Eye for the Skate Guy" was a hoot! He might be a Princess and a Diva but he at least can laugh at himself.

Oh, and the check will be in the mail tomorrow. Same class......


Kathie said...


It is beautiful, so delicate. Bring it to Chicago so I can admire it in person. Oh yeah, and make one for me too LOL


Diane D. said...

Congratulations, it's just beautiful!

a faithful reader said...

lookin' good