Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Time Warp

(cue music, sing loudly)...Let's do the Time Warp agaaaaaiin!....Everybody sing!...It's just a jump to the left. And a step to the riight.....

Well, it's happened. I've recieved a note from a faithful reader politely asking, 'Where ARE you, woman?!?' Does keeping a blog mean I have to be wacky and consistant at the same time? No! May it never be! How 'bout consistantly wacky? Will you still love me?

You know, my family claims I have my own time zone: CST. Cathy Standard Time. I prefer to think of myself as devoid of time. I like to move through the moment unrestricted by such things as watches, time limits, or deadlines. I use time like I use caffeine: when the situation dictates it's use. Keeping my body caffeine free means that drinking coffee when I need a jolt really works. Two cups of coffee turns me into a Hamster on Speed. Time is the same way. I use it when necessary.

In the words of Edna Mole, 'I NEVER look back, dahling. It detracts from the Now.'

So, where have I been? Wandering. Not without purpose, though. And my rambling has been all fiber, all the time (with a little dash of swimming and hangin' out). Just to further warp time, I'll be sharing these experiences backwards, or maybe out of order. Yes, I read magazines backwards too.

Let's start with 'out of order':
For me, it's tie dye season. You're looking at a portion of a fifty shirt order, waiting to be washed. The t-shirt gig, no matter how simple the tie, is hard work. But I love it! Love to watch those colors bleed into perfect, white shirts.

Here's a stack of finished shirts:
This order is done and at the silk screener's right now. Will let you know how it turns out.


Gerrie said...

Really cool shirts. Love your explanation for not blogging.

Lisa, Procrastinator Extraordinaire said...

Welcome back. I missed your special brand of zaniness!

Deborah said...

Oh thank goodness you're back. I was so tired of looking at your silly smirk in that ridiculous dress! Now, wait? You do t-shirts as a business? For who? What will be silk screened on them? How did you get started doing that? Tell me more!

Debra said...


I was about to declare AWOL. (not that means anything..).

Now, wait a minute... you make custom ordered tshirts?? or custom dye works?? For whom?

teri springer said...

See....nagging DOES work......{snort}......Can I help it if I missed you??

teri (guilty as charged)

Emily said...

those are 50 really lucky red-and-yellow-tie-dye-lovin people.