Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Emily Solo

Not to be confused with Han, of course!

Actually, It's Emily Parson. And right now, she has a solo show in Muncie, Indiana at the Minnetrista Cultural Center until September 4th. Go,go, go!...for her work is stunning live. The images are larger than life and saturated with pure color. If you're a ways from Indiana, check out her website for more quilts or her blog for knitting adventures.

In a new attempt to promote wackiness, I travelled all the way to Muncie for Emily's opening on Saturday. Everyone around me thought I drove to a friend's house to take my kids swimming for the weekend. Hah! That was just a ploy, a cover-up for my evil plan. The friend is Connie and the real reason I drove to her house was to kidnap her and weasel her teenage daughter into babysitting for the day. The innocent fools all played into my hand and we arrived in Muncie with time to spare.

Here's Emily giving a gallery talk:
gallery talk
The tulip quilt behind her is one of my favorites---lots of movement and color. I hold the dubious honor of asking the only stupid question during her talk. It was so long and nebulous that I can't even manage to repeat it here. Nothing like a big, fat, unedited mouth with no circuit to the brain to keep a girl humble. Help, I'm talking and I can't shut up.

Next photo: (left to right) fellow blogger Jan, Emily, and moi.
The quilt behind us has been made into a wonderful little poster for sale.

So now you know. Instead of blogging on Saturday, I was running away with my quiltshow travel buddy, Connie. Seeing Emily amidst her vibrant work was a thrill. I'm so proud of her!


Gerrie said...

Wow! Emily's work is impressive. I would love to see them in person!

Scrapmaker said...

I'm jealous! Wish I were close enough to make a day trip! I'm a huge fan of Emily's work. Jen

Emily said...

Your suprise totally made the opening for me, you know. And The Question: It will live in my memory forever! Thank the Lord for something other than "How long did it take you to make that?!"


a faithful reader said...

beautiful stunning and attractive .
the blanket looks good too .

Sarah said...

We lived in Muncie for 4 years. I was back there this summer but missed this show. Looks like it was cool.
(I have beentrying to read all your past blogging and am up to June!)