Friday, June 03, 2005

Mexico Mission

Last week, my husband and 41 other volunteers performed a house building blitz in Anapra, a region of Juarez, Mexico that used to be a landfill. People actually live there, often in shacks made of palettes and cardboard. The houses built by volunteers are not much bigger, but they're made with real building materials: concrete, 2x4's and roofing. They have electricity.

I am imensely proud of my husband who organized this event and of all the people that volunteered time and resources to it . If you care to read more about their week, go to Scraps of Grace


Elle said...

How wonderful!! What a great project!

Cathy said...

I guess it's not my place to be proud of or for you and what you've accomplished but it's pretty impressive nonetheless and I'm happy for you. It's just so good to see your mug.

still nonchalant after all these years,
the other Cathy

Mrs. Mel said...

Dear Cathy,
This story of house building in Mexico has filled my heart with joy. I wish I lived close to you so I could be a part of your church. Muchisimas gracias

Scrapmaker said...

This is so, so wonderful. There is such an abyss of poverty, but every project helps lift the burden a little. Just think of the joy of the families who were helped. Jen