Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Would You Wear This?


I model it for my honey and ask, 'Do you like it?'

Husband: -pregnant pause-'It's not my favorite. Where are you going to wear it?'

Me; 'To church on Sunday.'

Hubby: -flat- 'Oh.' -pause for thought-'Do we have to go together?'

Me: -posing in front of mirror- 'Does it make me look fat? Does my butt look big?'

Hubby: -hesitantly-'It's not my favorite.'

Me: 'Worse than the pink swing coat?' (early 90's, pepto-pink---he loathed it, I loved it)

Hubby: -flatly-'It's not my favorite.'

I reveal that the dress has been purchased for it's fabric content, not for use as a garment. A visible wash of relief floods over his entire person. But what a good boy! He never said, 'That is butt ugly and you look like giant, bad reuppholstery,' or 'I didn't know the Tent and Awning did florals!' Never even came close. Bonus points for tact and self control!

Then I model purchase #2, a size 2 dress that, thanks to the high lycra content, I can pull over my head and down to my waist (I'm an 18/20).

Me: 'What do you think of this one?'

Hubby: 'It's better. Looks trendy. I like the print.'
He thinks it's a top. It's's fabric.

Next up: A nightie I actually intend to wear.

Me: -holding nightie by shoulder straps- 'Who'd I buy this for?'

Hubby: 'I don't like this game any more.'

So where'd all this 'fabric' come from? Thrift stores, of course. And since I've been a Salvation Army dresser since highschool, who could blame the man for being confused?

Here's a collage of new stash aquisitions:
Grand Total: $10.00
God Bless the Salvation Army!


Gerrie said...

You are a funny woman - I learned from Sue Benner to look for clothing made from silk to use in quilting. She had a great Bob Mackey shirt which she shared with me.

teri springer said...

Oh, Goodwill and I go WAAAYYYYYYY back!


Debra said...

Oh, thank goodness it's fabric!! I was trying to think of some tactful way to say... get rid of whatever that tie think below the bustline is.

And it's not your color.

Now that brown jacket/dress thing you showed in the stash... that has possibilities. But you live so far away.

Barbara said...

I am glad I am not the only one who purchases clothing for my stash!! Awesome fabric! :)

Deb R said...

I think the print on that little t-shirt dress (the second pic) is awesome!

Thrift stores can be good places to find embellishments too. I've been known to buy shirts just for the buttons.

maureen said...

I like you in that flowery dress, the first one. I think the style is slimming and if you don't usually wear floral stuff it will shock everyone into stunned silence! Dare you!

Elle said...

You had me cracking up with laughter over here!!!

Your husband's great. So tactful, lol!

Elle said...

P.S. You would look GREAT in a simple wrap dress style similar to that flowery one!

Jenni said...

OH you are so mean...but so funny! My husband wouldn't have lasted nearly that long LOL. My friend and I used to do that to each other, then we would yell "taste test!" PS, I too thought the dress style looked good on you.

Junott said...

I can't wait to see what you do with all these new fabrics! Hope you post the finished products....