Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Thoughts on Motherhood and Alone Time

These images are not the best, but they do show what I've been up to:

Carving, lots of carving.
The big squiggle is mine, the others were done by my daughter.

Sample print of the squiggle:

My daughter made the letters as gifts for twin highschool graduates that used to babysit for us. I took the liberty of stamping some stationary for them. The tiny stamps were suppose to be lower case A's. They looked like leaves to me.

Sometimes it's hard for me to let my kids create along side me. This causes no end of guilt. I crave creative time for myself, yet am fully aware of the blink that is childhood. Soon they will be gone. There will be more silence than I can stand. So, I carve, she carves. We bump elbows and use the tool the other has been waiting for. She uses up all my stamp material, I order more. She learns the value of a handmade gift, the personal touch. We sing and chat about life. How can I deny the blessing of camraderie with my child?

She fusses with bows:

The gifts are ready and we're off to the party:


Deb H said...

I know exactly what you mean - my daughter and I did a lot of arty stuff together, soon it became obvious she was more of a writer than a visual artist. That was OK too, she'd bring her laptop to my area and we could still create together :o)
Enjoy while you can, eventually they grow up and become the wonderful adults you hope they will be, they just aren't in your studio anymore and you will miss it.
AIM helps ;o)

Fibra Artysta said...

Does the stamp carving have anything to do with the book you squirreled away from me the last time you were here?

They look great and I love that Emily made those gifts, she did awesome!

JJ said...

You're a good mama. And the work is really cool!

Anonymous said...

And soon they will roll their eyes at the mere HINT of creating with you. Embrace it while you can, you, your kids AND your art will bloom for it.