Friday, June 05, 2009

More Stamps

Behold! Three carved stamps. They're carved into something like E-Z Cut. In pursuit of finer detail, there are several grades of linoleum heading toward me right now.

And then, stamped on paper:
The left sample is my favorite. I like the way the stamp tiled to make an all over pattern. The middle comes in next. It's not an all over pattern, but I like the diamond shape in a half drop repeat. I think the left sample is called a half drop rotation because the stamp is flipped every other row. Half drop patterns amuse me. The sample on the right simply sucks. I haven't yet found a pleasing way to print that stamp.

The Monkey must also carve:
She's planning to use her stamps on a wooden sword her brother carved for her....part of her Elvin Warrior persona.

The Monkey-Elf herself:

1 comment:

Deb H said...

"Elvin Warrior" (snort), mine went through the same phase, it lasts a really long time ;o)

I love the stamps! You didn't like the last one, I see it stamped end-to-end for a border effect?