Friday, June 12, 2009

Garden and Kid Post

Tomorrow, I'll share the stamps I carved today. Tonight, I talk about my daughter and one of my Fiber Heros: My Grandma.

Every year, my Grandma Tanguay comes to life in my yard. She lived for her flower gardens (and her fiber arts). Now she lives through the flowers transplanted from her yard. She insisted that these day lillies and irises belong in the same bed because they bloom together:
blooming together

She called the lillies "Lemon Lillies":

She had a huge bed of the lillies and these irises all intermingle...30+ years old.
Don't some people call these Blue Flags?

God rest her soul. I miss her, even though I didn't see her very often.

Grandma also passed on the gift of foot dna.

Consequently, in Kid News, the Monkey-Warrior-Elf will be having super powers put in her feet sometime after her 12th birthday. In the mean time, she gets orthotics, $100 sneakers, ibuprofin when they really hurt and a warm rice bag at bed time.

Orthotic Molding: better than mucky puddles.
Gooshy is Gooood

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Fibra Artysta said...

Ouchie on the foot thing. Poor baby. Although the casting thing looks kind of fun. She should have run around while it was still wet so it squished out all over the place.