Wednesday, June 17, 2009

How Not to Do It.

After Action Report: Mission: T-shirt Tornado

Little Flyer Reporting.

2009 June 16
1030 -Receive via UPS 45 white, 100% cotton t-shirts, sizes XS to 3X.

2009 June 17
0630 -Scour 15 t-shirts, mixed sizes.

0715 -With shirts in washer, fill washer to medium level
with 110 degree Farenheit water.

0730 -Prepare ammunition using 3 TBS. turquoise dye powder.
Add to agitating washer.

0745 -Add ammunition support: 1 C soda ash to agitating washer.
Reset washer to agitate for 15 minutes. Leave area of operation.

0805 -Realize washer has drained completely due to
screwdriver depressing lid's safety switch,
allowing artist to watch agitation as entertainment.
Also allows full cycle to proceed. All dye and soda ash
not attached to shirts lost forever.
Dye recipe and careful calculations are out the window.

0806 -Contemplate success of mission. SNAFU early in
process does not project favorable outcome. Artist thinks
objectionable language.

0830 -Artist AWOL.


Fibra Artysta said...

Oh my...back away from the washer. I know you can't say them out loud but a big long string of obscenties running through your mind will make you feel better.

Poor Cathy...

Vivien said...


Shall we call in the MPs to locate AWOL artist or has artist returned to post despite mission SNAFU? Alternatively, has artist raided command post to acquire funds for new supplies?

Cara said...

I know there must have been some pushing up of the glasses at the washer at some point...

Deb H said...

So, it's 5 weeks later (hint), did the T-shirts ever make it to fruition?