Friday, October 20, 2006

Fabrications 2006

RETREAT!! wild Retreat!!

Yes, Fabrications 2006 kicked off last night with a lively reception. We had food. We had live music. We had ART! Many people arrived early to set up class space. They were invited to hang recent work in our reception area. At 7:00, the party officially started. After that it was a blur of checking in, looking at work, and conversation. Our three teachers, Pamela Allen, Jeannie Beck, and Laura Cater-Woods were on hand. It was a pleasure to have them there.

Pamela on the right, in the funky blouse:

Jeannie in the center, leaning to the right:

Laura, standing, already mentoring:

Now, this is the time to admit that any photos related to this retreat will not be works of genius! Apologies to all people and artwork that fall victim to my lense. There are a few pictures of work. Again, apologies for no names, etc...though some of it you may recognize style.
I think this is Peg Keeny in top left, Gail Ingraham to the right, and I'm unsure about bottom left:

This is all Jeanne Beck, all the time:

The very identifiable Pamela Allen:

Truly Cool Rusted Fabric by Carol Myer:

And more party-party, happy-happy:
View of the room, featuring two of my co-planners (there's a third: Peg Keeney), Desi Vaughn and Kathie Briggs, at the registration table.

Believe me, they are holding me responsible for this photo!

The appetizer spread:

God Bless good food and all those who bring it to me!

A student viewing the design walls:

And lastly, your faithful author (center with the burgundy scarf) chatting with friends (and eating...I'm aaalll about the food):

Another student, Melissa Rian, is also blogging about Fab 2006. Go here to read her take on all of this.

So, our first evening was loads of fun! Today, everyone is hunkered down in class rooms...busy busy. Serious talk, comingled with lots of laughter is floating from all directions. They've relished a coffee break. We still have lunch, an afternoon of work, and our evening forum with Kathie Briggs. I wish all of you could be here. The vibe is Electric!

Stay tuned!

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