Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Fab '06, Day 3

That's a Wrap!

For me, day three was the busiest of all. Students were still working at a tremendous pace. And last minute details kept me hoppin'. The retreat was so successful, 18 students preregistered for next year and I'm expecting more in today's mail. I was blown away by this!

These posts may seem full of photos, but truly, they only show a fraction of what went on. I intended to get group photos, but there was so much bustle, it never happened. And when everyone was packed, we had a fabulous work crew to clean up. The energy of this event continued full tilt from the reception right up to the last van to be loaded (mine). What a fabulous testament to fiber artists, their strenght and their spirit!

Now for pics.

From Laura's room:
Peg Keeney working at a design wall:

The results of day 2's stuffed tube experiment:

How cool is that?

A piece that progressed all weekend:

Table mates:

A closer view of all the wonderful colored fabrics made by this student:

Jeanne's Room
Jeanne offering advice:

A work in progress:

More work:

I wish I had some better pics of the techniques learned in Jeanne's class. The layers of painted fabrics coupled with encrusted machine embroidery was incredibly beautiful.

Pamela's Room
Pam working with a student, and the student's self portrait in the background:

Design wall covered with a weekend's designs:

A student and one of her self portraits (she made 2):

More design wall:

A student who just couldn't stop working! She whipped out these little compositions at the end of the day:

Another view:

Pamela posted more pics from her class on her website, plus she gives a nice review of Fab '06.

End of Day Pics
Laura wraps up with a class discussion recapping the weekend and driving home a few key points:

Pamela's class with their self portraits:

And they all created happily ever after! The End!

...well not quite... Tomorrow, I'll blog specifically about our Quilting Arts scholarship recipient, Dianna Call.

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