Saturday, October 21, 2006

Fab '06, Day 1

And We're Off!
Yesterday started with a bang! Fabric was flying and brains were buzzing.

Laura's class started with a focused huddle:

They stayed that way all morning. It looked intense! After lunch, things loosened up and everyone was busy-busy:

About 10:00, coffee and tea arrived and everyone burst out of the rooms. That Java is important business:

Part of this event's focus is the atmosphere. We want a beautiful setting to inspire the artist. I think Garland fits the bill:

More work, more learning, then lunch:

This is the girl that brought the lunch, Tracy:

We love her. We treat her nice. She brings us the food. We're aaalll about the food.

Pamela's class was hustle-hustle from the jump. They had time limits to force an spontaneous mode of working:

She did get a break, as seen here with Peg Keeney:

And Jeannie's class made a huge mess and had a great time. They moved paint and got it onto fabric in ways I never new existed:

Dig the messy hands. Now that's art!


Shirley Goodwin said...

Looks like you had fun, Cathy! I found your blog by googling corn dextrin, as I'm playing with it for the first time - even though we're both in Artful Quilters webring, I hadn't come across it before. I'm using the dextrin on an international Round Robin - nothing like jumping in the deep end!

Shirley in New Zealand

teri springer said...

Well, now we know that Cathy will update at least once a year.

It was a great time (again) and I have already pre-registered for next year!!


laura said...

i'll say that again.
WOW. it was a wonderful few days... lots of passion in the work, some very intense artists, great to see familiar faces and good friends.
now i'm in an airport en route home. it's a long travel day (stuck on the ground in Detroit = missed connections, sigh).
see y'all next year!