Friday, August 25, 2006

Suddenly Employed

Last week, a post came across the PAQA list concerning a job for a designer from NYC. On a whim, I applied. Is it 'on a whim' if everything I do is on a whim? Hmmm...

Anyway, much to my suprise, the designer, Greg Climer, contacted me! I suddenly find myself sewing a gazillion log cabin blocks for tuxedo shirts. His line is called 'Godspeed the Well Dressed Man' and you can see a picture of his Tuxedo Deco Shirt on the website's splash page.

Greg sent me a bit of fabric to get started. USPS is winging the rest of it to me right this minute. It's a beautiful pima cotton broadcloth, finer and more buttery than the Robert Kaufman pima many handdyers use. I've been wondering how it would print and dye.

Here's a bunch of blocks, constructed and ready to be set in rows:

Here's the set blocks, pressed:

Here's the nicely hand drawn pattern piece on the blocks. In case you didn't know, I'm a pattern making geek and I think well drawn oak tag patterns are a thing of beauty.

Here's me, a kid, and our nighties...

And...just for kicks:



Gerrie said...

Very cool. It is good to see you blogging again! Love the banners. I do some liturgical work, but not representational - more abstract.

How many of these log cabin blocks will you have to do? I think I would go bonkers!

Emily said...

You two are so cute!!!!

Wow, those shirts are gorgeous. How many million blocks do you have to make?

Karoda said...

I was trying to think of where I've seen his website before...I believe his sister is an art quilter, Amy Climer, whose blog is Swinging by A Thread. Congratulations on the job!