Tuesday, August 29, 2006


Saturday evening, a storm with lots of lightning blew through my little backwoods town. Suddenly my DSL modem ceased to function.

Sunday, I called my internet provider. I waited, I 'esplained', I convinced the techie I wasn't a moron.

Today, my brand new DSL modem arrived. I plugged it in. No dice. Soooo, I got baaaack on the phoooone. I talked to not one, but THREE different techie minions. I heard everything from 'it's a bad cable' to 'oh, gee, you must've fried your computer too.' None of them were Mac savvy. The most helpful minion concluded that it must be a faulty box. GEE, Ya' Think?!? He took my name and address in order to mail a new box. He put me on hold. He came back and informed me that my story was being passed from the Land of the Techie Minions to another floor that only houses Brains in Jars. The Brain in a Jar listened, typed, advised, talked to higher ups and finally concluded that ....gasp....I must have a faulty box!! He asked me, even after verifying aaaallll my account info, for my mailing address. What?!? Didn't the last guy just type that in? Isn't there a box on the screen showing where to mail the bill? Are they running the place on post it notes and dumbwaiters?

Now I get to wait some more. My box will arrive Thursday. Until then, I'm at the mercy of my husband's office computer. If you've sent e-mail, I've probably read it. Consider this my official response. Having no access at home is right up there with being out of clean underwear. 'Cept the clean drawers is usually something I can fix MYSelf. Oy! Say it just like Elmer...right along with me....Fwustwaaated!


Elmer said...

“There's something screwy around here!”

laura said...

is this why my loong Oh/Hh post just bounced back? let me know when you can get mail... i'll resend. OR if it isn't until after i leave on the 3rd, get MB or Carol to cc you.

you sound great, despite the frustrations (everyone wants to slough this stuff off because we don't use PC, when it is their faulty equipment (Grin)
see you soon!