Tuesday, September 13, 2005

A Table is Born

Welcome to the birth of my new PRINT TABLE!! Yeah, I'm yellin'. Just a little excited here.


Features include two storage shelves, a vertical bin on the end for storing silk screens, 4 wheels, two of which lock. The table is 4' x 10', big enough to print 3 yards at a time.

Here we have the elves adding the oil based paint, two coats please:
Painting done:

Then, two layers of plain ol' felt from JoAnn Fabrics, wrapped and stapled:

Finish with one layer of unbleached cotton twill (denim), wrong side up:

And Voila! I'm cookin' with gas.


Gerrie said...

Whoops! You need one of those spam stoppers!!

This is a great table. I want one. My dream is to move to a place where I can have a wet studio!!!

Karoda said...

Gerrie and I are in the same dream hehehehe...but yes, you can send this table on to me...I'll even clear out the living room furniture for it :)

the goshen kid said...

but how many boys will it hold ?
just wondering ....