Saturday, September 17, 2005


Here's what happened Friday morning:

Followed up by a little:

Now, I'm not intending for the background to be yellow. I want it to be green....with yellow lines. So, I'm trying to think of this like a batik project, where there's a gradual build of color.

And I also have a lot to learn. Some people let their fabric dry, others cover it and let it batch:
I felt good about this except that when I took the plastic off, the resist lines were tacky. This was worrisome to me. And then, the fabric took forever to dry. I probably could have left it uncovered and been just fine.

The other lesson I learned was this:
The Dreaded Crocking!!
The color from the petal wicked across the sheet underneath my fabric and then placed color on the other side of the resist line. It didn't just bleed through the resist line. I'm really a closet silk painter, but am too lazy for all the fuss that silk painters put into their prep. Often there is great care taken in attaching the fabric to a frame, so nothing is touching the table. This prevents Dreaded Crocking, even though too much paint will bleed across a line. I suspect allowing the table to dry out completely before adding the petal color would have prevented this. Or maybe more thickener in the dye....that would have made a difference. Either way, I'm calling it a happy accident.

And now, the reveal:

I still have another layer of resist and a final layer of color before this piece is done. Will issue a full report at the end!

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