Friday, October 31, 2008

...and Today...

I'm still not over that chin. When did it show up and how do I make it stop??? On second thought, don't answer. I don't want to hear it.

Today was fun. Betty and I wore crowns all day (a pattern she is selling) and we sold tons of stuff...shiny stuff, sticky stuff, helpful stuff. There are so many interesting people to watch and help and chat's like a big party.

My shining moment of the day was when I accidentally scanned a credit card into the items sold area of the computer/register. The sale showed up for Six Billion Dollars. And the lady's change came to Six Billion and something minus 10 dollars. I'm a wiener.

The funniest moment IMO was when a lady from Louisiana showed up wearing skull pendants. Turns out one of the pendants was a whistle. Forgetting to consider the gentleman vending across from us (he was soundly asleep in a convention hall chair, chin on chest, eyelids slightly parted), I said 'yes' when the lady offered to blow the whistle. It was piercing. The sleeping man jumped out of his skin. I nearly wet myself trying to keep from howling with laughter. How do you sleep in a convention hall full of raving quilters??

I know, it's not nice to torture sleeping people. The customer promised to return tomorrow for more hijinx. Can't wait.

And this, my friends, is what the end of the day looks like:

Make up off, nightgown on. Neck elongated for 'less chin' look.


Anonymous said...

Oh what fun you must be having! You gotta find out where the skull whistle came from.. I'm sure Lynn would love for you to tackle her for it... LOL

Fibra Artysta said...

I'm thinking Betty would have been thrilled if the six billion dollar sale was real. And yes, please put together a plan to tackle the woman with the skull pendant and rip it from her neck, I could put that to good use when I go back to work.

Oh, and by the way? Taking pictures of yourself while looking DOWN into the camera would make anyone look goofy...try holding it more level!

mary said...

you're so pretty with that crown and honey the chin ...uh have you seen me lately?
i am glad you are having fun...hi to betty again, and if you see ANYTHING that i should giggle with you about call me immediatly!!!
happy halloween!