Thursday, October 20, 2005

Other People's Work

I've been officially reminded by several friends that today marks 1 month plus one day since my last post. There. I've stated the shameful truth, now let's gloss it over and move on!

Last night was crit group. We don't have a name yet. We don't have officers or rules. We don't care. But! We *DO* work. Actually, some of us just came back from the Fabrications retreat where we took classes with Laura Cater-Woods and Ellen Anne Eddy.

First up, Sharon. Here's a piece she finished up. I just love the color palette--so subtle and soothing.


Nextly, Deb. This is the beginning of Deb's beginning. She is transitioning from 'starving entrepreneur' to 'starving artist' and this piece is her first in a long, long time. Can't wait to see it finished. Go, Deb, Go!!

And then Linda. She started an embroidered chameleon in Ellen Anne Eddy's class and also made a stamp of her face that I think is just cool.
chameleon 1

chameleon 2
The background fabric is made by Ellen Anne Eddy and I'm jealous....not because I don't own it, but because I didn't make it. Call me 'nutty'. This is the wrong side by the way. I believe Linda is still bobbin drawing at this point.

Here's the right side:
chameleon 3

And Linda also made this groovy stamp from an old photo of herself. How cool is that?
linda's stamp

Now we have the other Linda (seen above with the first Linda). She made this thing she calls a 'fabric kaleidescope'. It's two seperate layers, joined at the center. The top layer can be rotated to reveal different prints in different holes. If you study the pictures, you can see I've rotated the wheel a bit. Is it not clever? What a great idea for a child's gift. Actually, forget the kid. Just give it to me (I was mesmorized).
linda 1

linda 2

Sandy brought this piece in progress. Great contrast.
sandy 1
She had another fabulous piece, too, but I, the Mighty Super Spec, screwed up the picture.

As for me, I'm just happy to be sitting still. The Fabrications retreat signifies the end of a year that has been mostly travel for me. Now that the retreat is over, the only travel I forsee is to buy groceries. Perhaps there will be some light Christmas shopping that forces me to drive 30 miles or so. Otherwise, I'm happy to be boring at least for today.


Connie said...

You mean you aren't going to travel to visit me?

Debra said...

Fabuous works. I love the kalaidescope too.

Does your stopping of travel signal an increase in blogging??

Scrapmaker said...

Wow, these are great, love the kaleidescope idea. Great to hear from you again. Jen