Saturday, March 31, 2012

Angry Chicken.

Well, March has zipped by.  I spent part of it in the fetal position, and the rest of it scurrying around for a local play.  Somewhere in there, these doodles managed to appear, all at church.  Keep your eye out for the angry chicken.  He bites.

Trying to loosen up a bit here, fooling with cross hatching.  I need more practice.

This feels uptight

Bwaahahah!!!  Giant chicken head crashes right into 'This Little Light of Mine'!  Muhuh-wahahah!
Frightened citizen on the left....

I know these are nothing stellar or earth-shattering.  Keeping a pen pressed against paper was a major accomplishment for me.  April's gonna' be better, right?


Fibra Artysta said...

Angry chicken is awesome. I think he wants to eat the song...num num num.

Buck up little camper. Tomorrow is a new day. :)

Bink said...

Interesting twist on an old fave.