Wednesday, December 08, 2010


Hi, Everybody! I'm making time to blog today. Don't you feel blessed? I'm just happy you're taking a moment to see what I've been up to.

So, about 4 years ago, I decided it was time for the kids to embrace community theater.  I missed it and they needed the creative and social outlet.  Every play we've done, I've gotten in too deep and committed to crazy sewing plus a part plus an arm plus a leg, making for a very unFunky C.

This fall, a production of Seussical the Musical (junior version) was being produced and not only did I manage not to audition, I managed to only volunteer for ONE job.  I've never done this before in my life.  It didn't stop me from procrastinating, but there is hope!

So, my one job?  Seuss hats.  In lots of colors.  And sizes.  That stand on their own and can be used as dance partners.

Here we go!

It's like a pile of gigantic Cheerios!

All stripedy and ready for action.

Test Hat, complete with wire coil insert.
one done
This is the largest size I made.

With siblings:
4 giants

And a few minis:
3 minies

On stage, with a good friend(left) and an offspring(right):
On stage with Horton and a Wickersham
The stage images are Photo Shopped to the hilt.
Stage photography + pocket camera = image nightmare.

Opening scene with The Cat in the Hat and Jojo:
opening scene

Opening Dance number with hats in action:
opening dance number

My two favorite Whos (I made the circle skirt on the left, too):
my two favorite whos

The show was in mid-November and my kids had a blast! It was refreshing to be involved, but not too involved.  Changing how I involve myself is a major adjustment for me and I'm hoping it will give me the freedom to do more of what I love.  Bye for now!


Approachable Art said...

"It's like a pile of gigantic Cheerios!"

LOL or Fruit Loops! I LOVE this, Cathy, and oh my gosh that's a LOT of hats to construct.

Doesn't Seuss make your heart sing? And participating in theater, no matter in what capacity, is always exciting, IMO. :D

Robbie said...

Glad to see you've at least been 'busy' and not just sitting around eating bon bons and watching TV!!

MoBea said...

not Cheerios - FRUIT LOOPS!
like me... :) M