Sunday, June 13, 2010

Very Funny, Lynn Krawczyk.

Oooo, look who know so muuuch....Lynn posted on my bloooog...isn't she impwessive???

Remember, Miss Lynny-Baby: There are things that one can do with Bengay, Nair, and Superglue. MMuuuwaaaahhh....

Today, the petting farm. Witness The Farm Animal Whisperer:

Her legs almost touch the ground and she remembers how to ride.

Little Oreo Goat figured out she could climb through the fence rails and break free. Greedy for carrots, that one.

Squeaker needs a goat of her own, don't you think? word for calling chickens, from an old Mother Goose poem.

Squeaker on the farm. My girl loves animals and I love my girl. Thanks, Lynn, for a great weekend!

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Sea Air Arts - Deb H said...

It looks like Squeaker was not the only one who enjoyed herself! And I like Lynn's "guest" posts as they seem to motivate you ;o)
Loved the T-shirt project - you have more patience than me! LOL!