Thursday, July 26, 2007

Less Blather, More Fiber

This space, oh fellow fiber web jockeys, may appear static. (snort...was that understatement?) However your faithful author has been the picture of industry (no laughing in the back row.) In June, I tie dyed over 100 t shirts and screen printed 50 of them. Did I show you some already? Memory fails...

Here's a sample of shirts I did for a church in Indiana:

the screen printing was hired out to a business that truly knows what they're doing.

AWWWW! Little shirts are so stinkin' cute. I can just feel that toddler snuggling in my arms. And the middle blue color?.... PRO MX Intense Blue 406. Get some. It's completely worth the money to see that vibrant...almost Carribean water-like blue.

In other Funky news, the children of FunkyC have embraced a summer of theater:

Flyer by moi, la-la-laaahh...with some borrowed graphics from the script cover.

And I have been turned loose in the costume department:


Anonymous said...

2 things
when in Harriet's funeral?
you never showed me the label on the back of your heart quilt...

Anonymous said...

okay 3 things
what are you doing posting at 5:40 am
and I was also up at that ridiculous hour...